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If the conditions allow, you may be able to swim with and snorkel alongside dolphins. We may be able to swim in the same area as the dolphins. However, you won't be able touch them. These dolphins are wild and can have their own thoughts. Sometimes they can swim within 3 feet of your body, other times they may swim away from you. We don't feed dolphins or harass them. Swimming with dolphins is not guaranteed. We don't believe it ethical to promise'swimming' with dolphins. We are happy to be able to interact with wild dolphins. All of our boat tours follow the Marine Mammal Protection Act guidelines. We will not allow dolphins to swim in areas that are unsafe for us to swim. The captain can decide.

Top Rated Attraction in PCB Florida. Ask about private trips that you can take with your family. While the trip may be more expensive, it is worth every penny. For more information regarding pricing and requirements, please contact us

The number of passengers on our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours is limited to six. Our guests can explore St. Andrew Bay comfortably, have a good conversation with their tour captain and see the dolphins up close. Your captain will bring the tour boat as close as possible to the dolphins, while being respectful and cautious to avoid causing them stress.

Relax and enjoy the company of your USCG captain/tourguide as you watch stunning sunsets from the water. You can bring your favorite beverage or snack to enjoy the evening.


Top Attraction in PCB Florida. Ask about private tours for you and your loved ones. It is more expensive but worth the extra effort. Contact us to inquire about pricing and other requirements.

Florida law requires that jet ski rentals be driven by a licensed driver. Drivers born after 1989 will have to pass a simple test in order to get a temporary boating safety permit.

Which beach in Florida has the most shells

Which beach in Florida has the most shells

"St. Andrews bay has over 2,900 species and is America's most diverse estuary. You can find nearly anything in the waters of St. Andrews Bay on any given day. It is also one the most fragile estuaries on the coast and needs to be protected. Mike Brim, Executive Director St. Andrews Bay Environmental Science Team.

You can swim with Panama City's wild bottle-nose dolphins on your trip in super-fast boats that are specially built for visiting and finding them. Shell Island Dolphin Tours is smaller than larger boats, which can carry between 150 and 150 people. We only take 6 people on certain boats and 7-15 on others boats, with children of all ages. You can be in the water quickly with your snorkel gear on without any disruptions or splashing that large groups cause, which often scares the dolphins away. Your Captain will teach you how to interact with dolphins. For example, it is better to swim parallel to them than to reach out and touch them. Swim with Dolphins We will put you in the water prior to the dolphins arrive. This will make it more likely that the dolphins swim to us rather than to us. You can see wildlife such as birds of prey and pelicans, along with underwater creatures, herons, and even underwater creatures. Shells and sand dollars can be found in the Shell Island area. Explore St. Andrews Bay or the Gulf of Mexico by snorkeling grass flats.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours

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Top Rated Attraction in PCB Florida. Ask about private trips for your family. The cost is slightly more, but it's well worth it. Contact us for information about pricing and requirements

This tour takes you to the best spots to snorkel around the island and swim with dolphins. As you cruise around these areas, your guide will tell you all you need to know about underwater life.


We offer the opportunity to step off the boat and explore Shell Island. Shell Island offers many opportunities for snorkeling, exploration, collecting sea shells and more. Shell Island is a nature reserve that can only be reached by watercraft. It measures 7 miles long. Shell Island has one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches Florida has to offer. Shell Island is an absolute paradise for nature lovers.

A dolphin tour makes for a fantastic sightseeing experience. All tour boats leave Adventure at Sea in Lower Grand Lagoon. Then they cruise south across the pass between St. Andrew Bay & the Gulf of Mexico to reach Shell Island. Enjoy the views and look out for sea birds, sea turtles, and dolphins.

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Are you looking for a private Dolphin Tour with more? Dolphin Seafari also offers snorkeling and walking tours.

Want to take a more sporty dolphin tour around Shell Island, California? Jet skis provide a fun and exciting way to view dolphins in the wild.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Red tide is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the Gulf of Mexico's coastal waters. There are blooms every season. The Florida red tide organism Karenia Brevis blooms most often between August and December. However, blooms can sometimes deviate from this time period.

Shell Island takes between 10 and 25 minutes. It all depends on the water conditions and how you get there. You should only try to get to Shell Island via boat or jet ski, as the currents can be too strong to paddle board to the island.

Shell Island Jetty Ride The Official Shell Island Shuttle This scenic, fun ride to Shell Island only takes a few minutes. Passengers are dropped off at the quiet cove behind Shell Island Jetty. It is a great spot for children, and just a short distance from the Gulf of Mexico Beachfront.